Friday, January 30, 2015

This week

Tree fruits are being pruned.
Berries are being pruned.
Peaches - buds have broken.
Blueberry - apical tips are leafing out.
Forsythia - already bloomed.
Garlic - up 8 inches.
Crocus - up six inches.
Looks like we are about a month ahead of normal.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Early spring so far

We are heading toward spring and we are about months
 ahead of normal.  Blueberries have broken bud already. 
Peaches have broken bud and if you haven't sprayed for
peach leaf curl - do so immediately.

Forsythia have bloomed, crocus are up 3-6 inches. 
Garlic  is up 8 inches.

Get pruning done.

Control garden weeds.

I heard one fellow was going to plant peas...may be a bit
early so don't be fool by the January good weather that we
have most years.  February and March can be pretty harsh.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Crop conditions

Crops - outside crops done for the year.
Most outside crops - even the cole crops were
damaged by the cold weather.
Some county flooding in areas close to the rivers and creeks.
Timing - forsythia bushes blooming, very early.
Soil this week in very good condition.

Weather in 2015

The ground did freeze a little but it thawed already.  Actually,
the soil is perfect for tilling.  I had to dig a hole and the soil didn't
stick to the shovel and turned very nicely.  But still a bit too early.

Temps will be warmer, highs of 45 and lows of 32, more typical
winter weather but realized  the cold was in December and we still
have at least three more winter far, very
similar as to last year.  My records show that it was colder

Rain coming so spray fruit trees their clean up copper sprays ASAP
 and if you have peaches/nectarines, they needed a copper spray
 Dec.15, Jan. 15 and Feb. 15.