Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Weather this week

Weather this week

Generally, it will be DRY, cool, breezy for several days, or longer. Beforehand, we have one more weak system moving in from the NW on Tue. This system is likely to have some showers, maybe even a few more west side snowflakes-of-surprise around the region & in the eastern basins, Columbia Gorge. By Wed, the extended drying trend will get started. High pressure ridge, centered east of the Cascades will deepen and kick-off notable WIND, esp in the Columbia Gorge, mountain passes, across California. The cool, dry, windy weather will hold on through New Year's Day, into the weekend. Strong east wind in Pasadena. Sunny in most areas over the holiday weekend. Ski resorts will be busy & breezy.

Winds will subside by late Monday, Jan 4, allowing fog to form in some areas, esp south of Salem. Models deliver a split decision on the first work week of 2016. Some runs present RAIN by Tue Jan 5, others keep it DRY all week. That said, southern California is targeted to get a series of wet, blustery storms, the first of which arrives Mon Jan 4. The El Nino type pattern - all week long - will gain media attention. It's all good, since the region needs water. There will likely be mudslides, etc.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Snowing on and off, on most passes, so check out Tripcheck before traveling.
It is good to be getting a good snow fall so early in the season.

Willamette valley - lows 30-35, with highs - 40-46..  During the night turn on a water faucet in the area furthest from the water source and let it drip to help keep pipes from freezing.  It is very cold out there this AM.  The next 5 days will be cloudy and rainy, then 3 days of sun, which usually means cold.

Central Oregon, Bend roads looks pretty clear but getting there looks pretty snowy today on the roadways.  Lows 14-22 with highs 32-35.  3 day cloudy, 2 with snow and 3 sunny an cold.

Enjoy family, call family, Email family as we tend to have a bit more time this time of year.

Get the seed catalogs out as gardening season will be quickly upon us.  If you live near Albany or Cottage Grove, Oregon; visit Nichols Seed or Territorial Seed company and walk their isles and dream of all of the great things you can grow in 2016.  You can also get on the internet and get tons of different seed catalogs.  However, remember; locally grown seeds tend to do better than seeds from further away and usually have closer maturing dates.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Be aware

Sorry, have been out of computer network for two weeks:

Patrons in Oregon need to be prepared for a powerful WIND STORM due to arrive tomorrow, Monday Dec 21. We have been discussing this storm's potential for over a week; it now appears likely. The "GRINCH Storm", as we call it here in The Weather Cafe ®, is modeled to move onshore near Astoria Monday morning around 10 a.m.

WIND gusts over 90 mph at the coast are probable; in the Willamette Valley gust may exceed 60-65 mph. Seemingly liquid soils will not be able to support many trees, so expect falls and associated power outages. This event could be extensive as to area in Oregon, so power restoration efforts may take some time. Rural patrons remember to FILL THE BATH TUB for toilet flush water. Might be advisable to stay off roads during the peak of the storm as limb action on windshields will not be favorable.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Now what

We've been off to Tajikistan teaching pruning to growers.  Loads of fun.
The weather i the valley is...rain 6 out of 8 days and then clouds.
Most crops are done.  So greenhouse veggies still growing OK.
Time to go on vacation, relax and enjoy Christmas and the new years.
Almost time to start the planting for crops for 2016.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Rufus weather

Friday December 4
We have an abundance of precipitation that will literally 
saturate the great PNW and, yes, portions of California 
between now and Christmas. You may have noticed the 
heavy rain already.
The upper level steering winds are - on average - pointed
 right at the PNW, driving multiple storm systems directly
 into the PNW. The storm centers will be spaced approx 
24-36 hours apart.   The moderate-to-heavy rainfall associated 
with each of these powerful storms will set up flood issues.  

 Everyone from northern CA to Vancouver Is.  must pay close 
attention to Nat'l Wx Service watches posted over the next 
10-14 days.
Mountain snow fall will be measured in FEET, esp in the later 
series of storms. The snow line will progressively drop to lower 
& lower elevations as a colder air mass approaches the PNW. In
 fact, coastal mountain, foothill & low elevation snow may come
 into play later next week.
 The WET pattern, with abundant mountain snow, will continue 
well into the weekend before Christmas. Water managers will 
also be able to pause their concern for irrigation issues next 
summer. True, we have a long way to go, but no question about
 the abundance of precip - both rain & snow - during December
 will be favorable; northern California included.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Now what

For the Eugene area, the next 10 days will have highs
of 45F to 56F.  The lows from 38F to 48F.  6 days of
rain, 1 sunny and 3 cloudy.

For central Oregon, highs 39 to50F, lows 26 to 36F,
with 5 days rain, 4 days cloudy and one day of sun.

The general trend is to have cool weather  in the later
part of the week.

The longer the ground is frozen, the great chance for
broken water lines.  Winterize all equipment and drain
 all irrigation lines.  Some equipment may need anti
freeze in the lines to prevent lines from breaking.

I am going where the internet is going to be limited
so I MAY not be able to post much for the next while.