Saturday, December 26, 2015


Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Snowing on and off, on most passes, so check out Tripcheck before traveling.
It is good to be getting a good snow fall so early in the season.

Willamette valley - lows 30-35, with highs - 40-46..  During the night turn on a water faucet in the area furthest from the water source and let it drip to help keep pipes from freezing.  It is very cold out there this AM.  The next 5 days will be cloudy and rainy, then 3 days of sun, which usually means cold.

Central Oregon, Bend roads looks pretty clear but getting there looks pretty snowy today on the roadways.  Lows 14-22 with highs 32-35.  3 day cloudy, 2 with snow and 3 sunny an cold.

Enjoy family, call family, Email family as we tend to have a bit more time this time of year.

Get the seed catalogs out as gardening season will be quickly upon us.  If you live near Albany or Cottage Grove, Oregon; visit Nichols Seed or Territorial Seed company and walk their isles and dream of all of the great things you can grow in 2016.  You can also get on the internet and get tons of different seed catalogs.  However, remember; locally grown seeds tend to do better than seeds from further away and usually have closer maturing dates.

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