Friday, November 30, 2012

More rain today.
Lawns showing the wet as are many gardens.
Mowed the last of the leaves.
Have at least 6 inches of leaf mulch in the flower beds.
Spring bulbs starting to show.
Dec. 1 soon, temp records show
 this year warmer than 2011.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weather the next few days, lows of around
40 and highs of around 55, so not much change.
Looks like a few days of rain.
Protect faucets, drain hoses, drain
irrigation systems.
Us leaves or mulches to protect roses,
blueberries, any plants in pots.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not to bad of a weekend.
Quite a bit of rain this past week.
Leaves are almost all down.
Mowed/mulched most of the weeds, yeah.
Lawn mowed again but looks really nice.
Clean the roof.
Added mow-be-gone.  Moss growing
already on a new roof, grrrrrrrr.  Roof is
too expensive an investment to not
keep it clean.
Dig some limb pruning on low tree branches. 
The tree causing the moss will be gone
in a couple months.

Friday, November 23, 2012

4 inches of rain in some areas.

Holiday markets now until Christmas.
Some apples, some veggies, some winter
pears still at local farm stands still
open.  Call ahead of time to see what
they have in stock.

During the rain breaks mow the lawn, mine
grow 2 inches, due to the decomposing leaves.

Leaves are near done falling, mulch with a good
mulch mower, or rake into bags for the garden
or rake into the flower bed for winter protection.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to our many
friends around the world.
The world is a marvelous place, with wonderful
people and traditions that keep people close.  

Enjoy all of the great local produce that we
have grown this past year.
During the holiday season, any extra produce
or canned produce can be used by all
of the food distribution centers, family
or dear friends.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

While I was getting wood for the fireplace, I noticed
 a huge growth of mushrooms growing in the lawn. 
From early fall until hard freezes, the Oregon weather
provides the perfect environment for mushrooms,
both fall and spring.  The Oregon mushrooms like a
moist soil and usually some sort of decomposing
rganic material.  In the area of my lawn, there is a lot
of mulched grass and leaves.  If lawns have been
renovated, the decomposing lawn, or organic mulch
 is prime for growing mushrooms.  The mushrooms
are signs of natural decomposition.  BE AWARE that
many mushrooms are very poisonous.  Talk with
someone that is skilled in mushroom identification. 
According to a local expert, some of the good opens
can have bad look a likes.  BE CAREFUL.  The best
solution to mushrooms is to leave them.  IF there is
a chance of human or animal consumption, just take
 a rake and rake them out of the lawn.

Another pretty good weekend.
Take advantage of the large amounts of
 leaves that are falling this year, especially
the large maple leaves.

Mulch with the lawn mower, bag and move to
the flower or garden area;  leave in the garbage
bags, add a nitrogen source let decompose over
the winter;  collect the leaves from along many of
 the roads ways or even request leaves from the
 local leaf removal --public works agencies.  Most
 leaves SHOULD be clean but beware some may
have small chemical residue.  If any concern,
let compost for 6-9 months.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hazelnut harvest pretty much done,
medium to good yields.
A few late apple and winter pears.
Nice crop of Asian pears.
Local farm stands, some go until Thanksgiving.
Local farmers markets have moved
 indoors in many locations.
Winter annual weeds coming back very strong.

Recent grass seed and winter wheat plantings
doing very well with the localized rain.
Many local cole crops - broccoli doing very well still.
Warm season crops, unless protected
- rained or frozen out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A few more days of good weather.
Leaves are really falling and need to be removed
from lawns; they can be raked into the flower
bed; or placed on the garden in 6 inch depth,
covered with black plastic so the worms
can decompose the leaves by spring time.

I you have oak or black walnut, mix with
other leaves or compostable materials.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The weather looks like our gardens with
any warm season plant will be toast soon.
Pick celery, tomatoes, eggplant, or any other
plants that are still producing, or cover
for the next few cold nights.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grass seed and wheat growing well.
Some fields in prep for seeding
and planting.
Some apples, some Asian pears,
some hazelnuts being harvested.
Winter annual weeds germinating.
Cole crops doing well, but some
cold weather happening the next few days.
A few tomatoes and peppers found this week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ok, time to go back to the garden.
OCCUPY the garden and grow food, even now.
Still good growing weather but the cold
weather may slow or damage the cole crops.

Monday, November 5, 2012

If you look at the newspaper, we are ahead in all areas.
of precipitation.  Precipitation - month to date; 
normal precip. to date; precip.since 10-1. 
All are in the positive range.
Time to mow the lawn and mulch the leaves.  I was
able to mulch 50% of the leaves from 4 huge
trees, it just took time to mulch the leaves. 
Easier than raking the leaves.
If you have any celery, cut and dry.
LOTS of winter annual weeds are just starting
to grow;  hoe, or cover with 6 inches of mulch; 
layers of paper or cardboard.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hazelnut harvest near done.
Some late apple and Asian pears.
Fresh produce stands, pretty strong
use by public, but weekend rains
have slowed pumpkin sales.
Most farm stands finish this time
of year or around Thanks giving,
call before heading out.
Cole crops continue to produce
nice product.
Grass seed, cover crops and winter
grains have germinated and continue
to grow very nicely.