Sunday, November 18, 2012

While I was getting wood for the fireplace, I noticed
 a huge growth of mushrooms growing in the lawn. 
From early fall until hard freezes, the Oregon weather
provides the perfect environment for mushrooms,
both fall and spring.  The Oregon mushrooms like a
moist soil and usually some sort of decomposing
rganic material.  In the area of my lawn, there is a lot
of mulched grass and leaves.  If lawns have been
renovated, the decomposing lawn, or organic mulch
 is prime for growing mushrooms.  The mushrooms
are signs of natural decomposition.  BE AWARE that
many mushrooms are very poisonous.  Talk with
someone that is skilled in mushroom identification. 
According to a local expert, some of the good opens
can have bad look a likes.  BE CAREFUL.  The best
solution to mushrooms is to leave them.  IF there is
a chance of human or animal consumption, just take
 a rake and rake them out of the lawn.

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