Friday, August 29, 2014

For 8-29-2014

Apple crop - harvest continues.
Bartlett pears - picking.  Pears are turning
yellow but the insides are still not quite ripe.

Blueberries - some late varieties.
Blackberries - current crop has small berries,
due to the continued hot weather.
Some fall yellow raspberries.

Tomatoes - going gang busters.  Be aware as the
 weather MIGHT change to cooler and wetter;
be ready for late blight on tomatoes and potatoes.
This summer, early blight has been on many
tomatoes, but the diseases has not hurt the plants,
just yellow, spotty leaves.

Poor green bean year.
Garlic down this year.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Insect counts for the week

Corn ear worm and cut worm are in high
 numbers this week.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August happenings

Bartlett pears - should be ready next week.
Gala apples - soon.

Blueberries - near the end of harvest.
Grapes - verasion or turning purple and should be ripe in
less than two weeks as long the days are warm.
Yellow or golden raspberries - ripening.
Blackberries - berries small due to warm weather.

Acorn squash - doing well.
Tomatoes - lots of them, all colors.
Kale - doing well all season.

Lots of grass - let go dormant.  It will turn
green in the fall.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weather 8-18-2014

Monday August 18

Briefly, weather will continue to be dry, except for thunderstorm 
action here on the east side of the Cascades (but that, too, will 
diminish heading into the new week).

Generally, temperatures for the week will be warm early, turning 
cooler by Thursday, as a NW flow turns on the onshore breezes. 
The weekend should remain dry, with rather cool conditions 
considering the time of summer.

A repeat: all indications are for a short, but rather hot, heat-up by 
Monday /Tuesday next week, the last one of August 2014. Highs 
in the 90s still look probable for most locations. 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid August

Hazelnut crop looking better as the
crop matures.

The water  and heat stress is bring out Eastern
 Filbert blight on many hazelnut trees.  For EFB
scouting, look for dead or branches that have
reddish-burned leaves.  Heard of one hazelnut
orchard - had filbertworm damage but few
filbertworm catches this season.

Apple crop - apples ripening.

Some blueberries still.

Tomatoes in southern valley - major ripening.

Fig bushes regrowing.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer time

Summer is in full force.
Blueberry and blackberry crop still being
Lots of blueberries and blackberries to pick.
Prunes - turning purple.
Apples - ripening at various  rates.
Bartlett pears - about two weeks out.  The coastal
cedar trees are looking bad with the tips of the trees
turning brown all over the county.  Bartlett pears,
usually get the coastal cedar rust and most pears
are still clean.

Zuccs doing very well as are cucumbers.

Chard and spinach - doing well.

Carrots - very slow growing.

Tomatoes - good production - starting
to ripening larger numbers.

Medium garlic crop.

Hazelnuts - medium crop so far.

Monday, August 4, 2014


June, July and August has been warmer than normal. 

Most water reservoirs in Lane County - doing
well for a short rain year.

Fleas beetles and cucumber beetles - heavy
 infestations this year and still happening on
garden crops.

Spotted wing drosophila - so far low populations.

Filbertworm and codling moth, so far low
Filbert crop looks medium this year.

Good apple and pear crop.  Plums looking good.

Raspberry - light crop.  Blackberries - looks
like a huge crop.

Blueberry - big, good crop.

Little powdery mildew on roses, apples or grapes....yet.

Tomatoes - ripening.
Chard and kale - doing well.

Cucumber. zuccs doing well, but cantaloupe
doesn't look to good.