Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Veggies Insect site

Chart shows that corn ear worms are in high number.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Great weekend

A little rain to wash all of the summer dust off
of the plants.  We need a LOT more rain...

Apples and pears still being picked.

Hazelnut harvest in progress and looks like a good
crop for the mid valley and good crop elsewhere
in the state.

Still a lot of green tomatoes out in the fields and home
gardens.  As long as the weather stays dry, we are OK.
 If we start to get cool weather, look out for tomato -
 potato late blight.  So far it has been pretty late blight

Maple trees are loosing leaves pretty fast already.

Other than the rain, irrigation MAY be needed until
we get a major weather change.

Grapes - table types nearing the end of their cycle.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Great Indian summer

So far it has been a great Indian summer.

The cool evenings are now just what the apple
and pear crop needs to ripen and become great
tasting fruit.

Many of the summer grapes are now done.  Wine
grape season is upon us or soon will be.

Tomatoes are still coming on gang busters.
Gardens started slow but are continuing to do well.
It is a tad bit late but as the weather continues to
hold, plant garlic and plant the winter garden ASAP.

Powdery mildew is hitting the pumpkin, cucumber
and squash plants.  Next year plant the bushes further
 apart.  An application of sodium bi carbonate each
week will help keep the powdery mildew from covering
the leaves.  Some people have had success with Neem
oil in low amounts.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hort happenings

A warmer than average September.  Strange   to realize
 that we have had 90-100 degree   weather in June, July,
August AND September.   

Usually we get a little warm weather just   as school starts
but it has been warmer   than usual......what ever usual or
average   weather is in the Willamette Valley.   

Bartlett pears - full harvest.  Prunes/plum -   full harvest.   
Apples are slower at ripening.  Still need   cooler evenings.   
Tomatoes just keep on giving.  For local markets, it has been
a good year.    The first of the year freeze/cold was tough  
on all plants; plus strawberries and cherries.    Powdery
mildew is hitting pumpkins, zucchini,   cucumber hard.   
Over all, it has been a good year with "bumps"   in the road.   

Hazelnut harvest will be starting soon.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weeks weather

The next 10 days look like sunner rather than the
 beginning for fall.   The temps will average 83-92
highs, and the low 49 to 56.

This is great for the tomatoes and warm season

With the short wet weather, we had a small infection
 period of tomato and potato late blight but the warm
weather has stopped the infections.

The weather will also prolong the ripening
of the apple crops as we need warm days and
COOLER nights.

Bartlett pears - should have been picked or are picking.
Early Gala apples - ripe.
Italian prunes - last week and this week.

Grapes - last week and the next few weeks for juice
grapes.  Taste them daily and then pick when they
 have the right amount of sugar.