Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hort happenings

A warmer than average September.  Strange   to realize
 that we have had 90-100 degree   weather in June, July,
August AND September.   

Usually we get a little warm weather just   as school starts
but it has been warmer   than usual......what ever usual or
average   weather is in the Willamette Valley.   

Bartlett pears - full harvest.  Prunes/plum -   full harvest.   
Apples are slower at ripening.  Still need   cooler evenings.   
Tomatoes just keep on giving.  For local markets, it has been
a good year.    The first of the year freeze/cold was tough  
on all plants; plus strawberries and cherries.    Powdery
mildew is hitting pumpkins, zucchini,   cucumber hard.   
Over all, it has been a good year with "bumps"   in the road.   

Hazelnut harvest will be starting soon.

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