Monday, September 8, 2014

Weeks weather

The next 10 days look like sunner rather than the
 beginning for fall.   The temps will average 83-92
highs, and the low 49 to 56.

This is great for the tomatoes and warm season

With the short wet weather, we had a small infection
 period of tomato and potato late blight but the warm
weather has stopped the infections.

The weather will also prolong the ripening
of the apple crops as we need warm days and
COOLER nights.

Bartlett pears - should have been picked or are picking.
Early Gala apples - ripe.
Italian prunes - last week and this week.

Grapes - last week and the next few weeks for juice
grapes.  Taste them daily and then pick when they
 have the right amount of sugar.

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