Friday, December 4, 2015

Rufus weather

Friday December 4
We have an abundance of precipitation that will literally 
saturate the great PNW and, yes, portions of California 
between now and Christmas. You may have noticed the 
heavy rain already.
The upper level steering winds are - on average - pointed
 right at the PNW, driving multiple storm systems directly
 into the PNW. The storm centers will be spaced approx 
24-36 hours apart.   The moderate-to-heavy rainfall associated 
with each of these powerful storms will set up flood issues.  

 Everyone from northern CA to Vancouver Is.  must pay close 
attention to Nat'l Wx Service watches posted over the next 
10-14 days.
Mountain snow fall will be measured in FEET, esp in the later 
series of storms. The snow line will progressively drop to lower 
& lower elevations as a colder air mass approaches the PNW. In
 fact, coastal mountain, foothill & low elevation snow may come
 into play later next week.
 The WET pattern, with abundant mountain snow, will continue 
well into the weekend before Christmas. Water managers will 
also be able to pause their concern for irrigation issues next 
summer. True, we have a long way to go, but no question about
 the abundance of precip - both rain & snow - during December
 will be favorable; northern California included.

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