Thursday, December 3, 2015

Now what

For the Eugene area, the next 10 days will have highs
of 45F to 56F.  The lows from 38F to 48F.  6 days of
rain, 1 sunny and 3 cloudy.

For central Oregon, highs 39 to50F, lows 26 to 36F,
with 5 days rain, 4 days cloudy and one day of sun.

The general trend is to have cool weather  in the later
part of the week.

The longer the ground is frozen, the great chance for
broken water lines.  Winterize all equipment and drain
 all irrigation lines.  Some equipment may need anti
freeze in the lines to prevent lines from breaking.

I am going where the internet is going to be limited
so I MAY not be able to post much for the next while.

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