Monday, December 21, 2015

Be aware

Sorry, have been out of computer network for two weeks:

Patrons in Oregon need to be prepared for a powerful WIND STORM due to arrive tomorrow, Monday Dec 21. We have been discussing this storm's potential for over a week; it now appears likely. The "GRINCH Storm", as we call it here in The Weather Cafe ®, is modeled to move onshore near Astoria Monday morning around 10 a.m.

WIND gusts over 90 mph at the coast are probable; in the Willamette Valley gust may exceed 60-65 mph. Seemingly liquid soils will not be able to support many trees, so expect falls and associated power outages. This event could be extensive as to area in Oregon, so power restoration efforts may take some time. Rural patrons remember to FILL THE BATH TUB for toilet flush water. Might be advisable to stay off roads during the peak of the storm as limb action on windshields will not be favorable.

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