Monday, December 7, 2009

Plants going to suffer

With temps dropping to 8 degrees, most of the plants outside are going to suffer and get freeze burn--too cold. Most veges in the winter garden will probably freeze but time will tell. Again mulch and leaves are great protectors.

If not already done, mulch around roses, blueberries, and strawberries. The ground has frozen 1 inch and each day it is below 32, the ground will freeze more. Cover the ground around plants with as much leaves or straw as possible.

Pots that are outside have ALREADY frozen solid, event the 2-5 gallons pots. Place in a warmer area, protected, garage, greeenhouse or mulch and over with a tarp.

Make sure the house vents are covered, at least until the weather warms above 32. To prevent pipes in the house, near the well or in greenhouses, let the faucet do a "slow" drip. As long as water is flowing, the pipes won't freeze. Let the faucet furtherest from the water source drip.

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