Friday, January 8, 2010


Several interesting weather events are becoming probable for January. Rain and showers for western OR, a few in Washington and a tad drier Sunday. Next week will usher in on-and-off rain & showers accompanying BREEZY conditions as relatively weak systems scramble by. PNW will get increasing RAIN and WIND Thur night thru Sat morning. The Jan 15 - 24 period may be quite STORMY. Surface systems, and cold air over the Gulf of Alaska, indicate a couple of these storms may develop as they approach the west coast. While some will likely spin north and not actually come onshore, the WIND and RAIN will be notable, depending on your location. The PNW will get plenty of rain as well, with winds potentially approaching damaging levels for coastal communities.

Bottom line: progressively wetter pattern in store for the PNW. Although warmer with relatively high snow levels to start, colder air for many of the late period storms should contribute to the new snow pack. For a full forecast, see - Rufus as:

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