Thursday, May 2, 2013

More beautiful weather with mornings
of cold, frosty weather.
OK for cole crops of broccoli, cabbage,
cauliflower, peas, lettuce, radishes, kale,
garlic, celery and more.

Watch weather to avoid any frosty periods,
set up frost protection with sprinklers, use
Remay cover cloth, milk jugs, walls of water,
large blue water bottles, mini greenhouses of plastic.

Coastal cedar rust showing up on pears - look
for red spots on the leaves and on the fruit.  Nothing
can be done about this fungal disease.

Peonies full bloom, rhodies - full or near
full bloom;  wild dogwoods in white bloom glory.

Aphid pops low, lady bird beetle pops high.

Areas with wild and blooming flowers have
 large quantities of honey bees, bumbles, mason
bees, and a lot of the predatory insects.

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