Saturday, June 22, 2013

I am back with computer access.

I was 7 days in Isfara, Tajikistan without any
internet access.  I was almost having withdrawals
but realized, I can live with Email for a few days  :)

I only had 149 message to responded to.

The weather is being  - weird.  Hottish, then rain
for two or more days.  This is tough on the end
of the strawberry;  the raspberry crop and
the picking cherries.

It keeps insects at bay for a while longer.

While in Tajikistan they had amazing predators
 in theire orchards.  Most of the time we saw a
 lot of praying mantis, lady bird beetles and
syrphid flies.  Didn't see any real aphids other
than early in the season.

The warm brings back powdery mildew
and the wet and warm brings apple and pear scab
back again.

Hazelnut control usually starts around July 4th.

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