Monday, July 1, 2013


Monday July 1
The first day of July will be a hot one, as the heat wave continues for another day or two before onshore flow cools down much of the PNW.   Dry weather will remain the rule on through at least July 22.
Briefly, the overall pattern will shift just enough by Wednesday to allow for a stronger push of marine air into the PNW. It will remain dry, but the upper level air mass, along with the surface, will cool us down 10 degrees or so for the 4th of July weekend. Rarely in the great PNW are we handed a perfect holiday weekend in July.  The weather coming up will be delightful both for agriculture & vacationers. Mountain thunderstorms will remain a possibility.
Models indicate that temps will again move up into the 90s, excluding coastal zones, for many locations during the week of July 8-12.  -Rufus

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