Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Possible cold weather

Rain is here.  The next few days will bring a decent shot 
of precip.  Freezing precip will challenge patrons along the 
gorge and lower Columbia basin.
 By Friday, the precip will clear away as colder air from the 
north works its way south. Dew points may tease out some 
fog, but it looks fairly DRY and quite chilly - over the weekend 
on into early the week of Feb 3. ICY roads, etc will be in play, 
should a sky clear be near you.
 Concern: Some model runs suggest COLD modified Arctic 
air will drop down over the PNW, or at least move close enough 
to clip the region with the coldest outbreak since the early 
December event.
Expect rain, mountain snow before a chilly weekend around 
the PNW. The following week will turn either quite cold, SNOWY 
at nearly all elevations, with a modified Arctic event possible, or
 it will be rainy  before turning chilly and dry.

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