Thursday, April 24, 2014

More mediocre weather

The weather still is mediocre.
Highs from 53-73, getting nice.
Lows - 38 cold, to 43, still too cold for the warm
season veggies.  Highs are still cool for planting with 
a week away from being May.

Coast was wet with moist days for the nest
 two days, then sun and cloudy.

The moist is going to cause more rust on raspberries; 
apple and pear scab with the warm and wet weather.

Continue to plant and/or replant cole crops.

Warm veggies -OK if you have a cold frame or
clouch or way to keep the soil drier.

Take advantage of any weather breaks and garden.

Tree fruits crops still looking good other than the
increase in fungus issues.

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