Friday, February 27, 2015


Friday February 27

 The hope & dream for improving the west coast snow pack will have to wait.

 Earlier expectation for a possible 'winter slap' across the PNW is now removed.  It will be frosty, when the cold, NE wind settles down on both sides of the Cascades. First shot arrives later Friday, with a brisk wind from the north turning on later Saturday.  The Second shot (which we thought would have the most impact), but still enough of a glance to bring brisk conditions after a few showers Mon/Tue. FROSTY overnight everywhere the wind ceases. Temps in the upper 20s; colder to the east.

 By Monday morning, the upper-air flow will begin to shift back to the northwest, calming the east winds and warming up the region for a day, Tue. Unfortunately, it is likely to remain DRY until the weekend of Mar 7,8. Even then, it will not get super wet. Warm front from the SW will usher in some showers.

 For the week of Mar 9-13, expect a wet period, with - hopefully - lowering freezing levels and a decent shot of mountain snow.

 For all concerned about the potential winter slap next week and the impact on agriculture, the near miss will be gladly accepted. Still, we will miss the much needed snow in the mountains.


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