Monday, August 24, 2015

This week

Keep tree fruits watered.  Test fruit to be sure the fruit is
getting enough water and when sweet, pick.

To prevent blossom end rot on peppers and tomatoes for next year
 - water evenly, keep soil moist not wet.  Add lime (calcium) to the
 soil this fall for next year.

So far, the spotted wing drosophila population seems to be less
this year, so far.

Report - the brown mororated stink bug is in the south valley and
in large numbers.  Another critter to worry about getting into our crops.

Many lawns have become dormant and brown. This is an excellent way
 to slow down or rid the lawn of crane flies.  Just wait for the fall rains
or sprinkle the lawn a little to keep the roots health.

Be extremely careful with equipment that may cause fire.

Himrod and red flame grapes- very ripe.

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