Sunday, January 3, 2016

Now whaat

Eugene area.  Lows 30 to 37F.  Highs 32 to 46 so still pretty
chilly.  Snow on Sunday followed by rain and cloudy
weather but the cold getting warmer at the end of the week.
Eugene Springfield got a dusting of snow, not quite enough
snow on the valley floor to satisfy the snow-revelers.

Central Oregon - lows 21 to 29 F, with highs 30 to 39.  Snow
Sunday with cloudy weather with a few hours of sun
leaking through each day.

Still time to prune, especially if you have a lot to prune. 
If you have just a few plants or trees, wait until February
 to do the pruning.

The cold weather continues to freeze the ground pretty
quickly, so mulch sensitive plants, keep any water line
protected or leave a faucet running furthermost from
the water source.

After January 1st, it is OK to start ordering the garden
seeds for 2016.  (Yes, I know, the real gardeners already
have their seeds ordered!)

After traveling the world 7x this year, give thanks for simple
things like:  porcelain toilets, clean water, houses that HAVE
 heat, food, we lots of food in comparison to other countries.
 One visit we were talking about food, and out interpreter told
us about when he and his family had bread and rice, 2x a day
for a LONG time.  Plant a few extra veggies for the local food
banks, give some the bounty away to someone in the
neighborhood that MAY need a little help or help provide
pruners to people that don't have and need pruners.  Just Message
me on Facebook.

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