Saturday, August 20, 2016


Cabbage loopers are out in big numbers.  See the following web site:

With the extra heat the past two weeks and especially this weekend, berries, tree fruits, nuts and vegetables will need additional water.

Dig a hole 18 inches deep for tree fruits and berries and 12 inches for vegetables, grab the soil.  If the soil falls apart;  time to water;  if the soil  hold together  and is moist when squished with the hand - all is good.

Most lawns are in the "brown mode" - just wait until September when the rains start

Second crop of figs is sizing nicely.

Gravensteins apples - mostly done.  Peaches - good year.  Italian prunes - ready this weekend or early next week.  Bartlett pears - still green on the tree but starting to turn color.

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