Thursday, April 18, 2013

The weather is all over the board.
Rainy, but under 60 degrees which means
 no apple or pear scab.  IF the temps rise
 above 60, a BIG scab infection will happen. 
It has to be wet AND warm.

Lots of bees, wasps, mason,s and bumbles
out pollinating the pear and apple trees.  Having
a wild flower area REALLY does help to bring the
bee population back.  If 20,000 homes provided 
wild bee flowers, we could solve the reduced
bee populations.  Hum, such an easy solution. 
And IF it doesn't work, we have a great place
for predatory insects to hid out and have food.

EDITORIAL:  Do we sit around complaining
about less bees, poor genetics, three years of
wet weather where bees were without food
for up to 8 months (I couldn't last 8 months
without food); crazy 3 years of wet weather;
miss use of pesticides;  and general reduction in
bee populations;  OR let's just fix the problem.  My
small farm has a huge amount of bees, due to my
wild area that has bee food for a long period to time.

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