Saturday, April 20, 2013

Two days of chancy weather but M-Friday
 look like spring is here, again-- with lows of 40
(chilly for any warm season plants or they protection),
but nice day time weather of 58-70 degrees; 
great for warming up the soil.

Most tree fruits are done bloom or as with
apple early varieties, have bloomed and
the rest are following.

For apples, plan on a LESS yield year since it was
such a huge crop last year.....unless you thinned
the fruit, which means you WILL get a
crop most every year.

Perspective - I have been in Egypt teaching
growers how to grow strawberries.  Their
season is JUST finishing.  Kind of like the
Willamette valley but reversed time wise.
They grow very nice strawberries.  Their goal
is to use IPM and reduce the amount of pesticides
being used and look for ways to work with
insects and diseases.

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