Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indian summer

Our long awaited Indian summer is finally here,
or at least has been here for one week and looks
like it will be here for another 10 days.  Temps
look pretty good ranging from a high of 69 to
 a low of 40 degrees.  Day time temps will allow
for warm season veggies to continue to grow
but early temps are pretty chilly for warm season
plants.  Great weather for the winter garden cole

Hazelnut harvest - some waiting for a good wind
storm to bring down the last of the hazelnuts or
finish their third sweeping of nuts.

Cole crops doing very well.

Irrigation systems on the valley floor OK but
watch for temps reaching 32 which has happened
in the foot hills.

Red delicious apples - nicely ripening.

Third crop of figs didn't make it, boo.

Pumpkins- great crop this year and great weather
for visiting the pumpkin rides and local
produce stands.

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