Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunshine - in the future

I am sitting, writing as it is raining, again.
I was in Washington state yesterday and it
rained....really rained all the way to Corvallis.

As I am writing on the blog and FB group pages,
the rain is really coming down.  So much for the
Indian summer.  But wait, the next 5 days are suppose
 to be sunny with partial clouds.  Wow -------
the clouds just opened up for even harder rain. 
Maybe I had better stop talking about the R- word.

Lawns are starting to get a bit long.
Weeds are amassing on open soil again - time to do
some light soil disruption and then mulch with
 4-6 inches of mulch/compost materials.

Heard today that the spotted wing drosophila (SWD)
 is hammering the wine grapes.  The rain caused
some splitting so the  splitting made it easy for the SWD
 to enter  into the grapes - wine with protein, a
new product and new marketing opportunity!!!!!

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