Thursday, November 21, 2013


Take time to have a good Thanksgiving day.
Relax, enjoy your friends.

Enjoy the day with family, friends and/or relatives.

Try to incorporate some of the marvelous bounty
of the past years produce in the holiday meals.

It is a time to be thankful for living in a great
country that provides us with untold opportunity
and bounty.

After traveling to many foreign countries, be
 thankful for living in a free country, were we
have the opportunity to elect our officials. 

To live in a country where most people are
pretty well off;  not as in other countries that people make
$20-100 per month and where doubling their income
can be accomplished by teaching people how to prune,
 how to sort fruit, and how to direct market produce.

Yes, we have it pretty easy here.

This past trip we are very thankful now for a
 toilet that flushes.

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