Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pre thanksgiving

More pretty good weather, lows of
42F and highs of 55F.

No rain for a while, more time to catch
 up this week on chore that we haven't
 got to yet.

Quick review:
Empty hoses.
Empty irrigation systems, leave the end open to
drain all winter but keep it closed enough to keep
 mice and slugs out of the pipes.

Drain any spraying equipment.  Store organic or
conventional pesticides in a place they won't get
wet or freeze.  Do not store in the well house.

Clean and oil garden tools.
Prep garden motor equipment by running the
engine out of gas, thru the spark plug add a little
oil and crank the engine to distribute the oil.

NOTE:  Do not use gas with ethanol, it ruins 2
cycle engines, look for the old leaded gas.


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