Monday, February 10, 2014

Stormy weekend

This weekend has been really bad;  6 inches of
snow;  then several inches of ice; which brought
down a  ton of limbs and branches around western
Oregon.  Specifically a lot of branches in Eugene
and Springfield, Oregon and surrounding communities. 
Lots of people have been or were out of power for days.

Clean up the broken branches.  Where the branch broke,
cut back to the collar or area where the branch
 meets another branch.  Or call a CERTIFIED arborist. 
Just because someone has a chain saw does not mean
they know how to cut  broken branches. 

This does not need to be done immediately, you can wait.

Also there are tons of plants that look like they have
been burned - they have.   With the December cold and now
this past weekend with the ice.  Just wait and see how
bad the bushes, tree limbs, berries and hazelnuts have
been damaged.  Time will tell.

Even burned leaves will be able to provide energy
to the plant.

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