Monday, February 24, 2014


Well the nice, t-shirt spring was short lasted.
Not even enough sun  to get a slight sun burn,

Back to the on again, on again showers and rain. 
Which is good as the more rain, the more snow
and the more snow, the less drought we will have. 
This is true being as we still have some of February,
 March, April and May which can be moist.

I predict ( which means I will be wrong) that we
 will have enough rain to fill the reservoirs this spring.

Most plants are definitely showing that spring is just
around the corner and early.

GArlicd - just about right
Maple buds - ready to burst, early
Plum/prune and peach trees - will bloom soon 3-4 weeks
ahead of schedule.

Lots of azalea and rhodies blooms have fallen off due to
the cold December.

Blueberries - so close.

I saw leaf tissue on a hazelnut tree.

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