Monday, March 3, 2014

Rufus weather

Monday March 3

Seasonal March weather ahead, with a few dry days scattered
among the wet. Mild temperatures will dominate the next couple
of weeks, although periods of snow in the mountains will continue
to benefit the snowpack.
 WIND ALERT: Within that wet package, a strong surface system
 will slam onshore Wednesday evening,  which would really kick-up
 a wind event, esp along the coast. Keep a flashlight handy.
By Thur night, things calm down, dry out, and lead into a fine day
on Saturday. Your Sunday morning  will be enjoyed with rain falling
outside. Nice weather will be paired Friday & Saturday. The
 consistency of the weather pattern will firm up heading into the
week of March 10, so expect a couple wet days, with a few dry
days to be had mid-week. Mild.
 Yep, our fellow citizens to the east will be tormented with continued
slaps of cold temps & snow. The Great Lakes Ice Extent is
nearing 90%, which has only happened twice in the last 40
years: 94.7% & 90.7% in 1979 & 1994, respectively.
The images are impressive, so web-search for some.


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