Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sunny weather coming

Sunny weather is a while.
Rainy weather is predicted from Saturday
 through Thursday.   Friday is to be cloud
and Saturday, the sun is to shine upon us.

So 6 more days to  look through all of the
seed catalogs and dream about big, red tomatoes; 
chard and lettuce;  nice, ripe strawberries.

We will need to wait a few days as the soil is
VERY wet again.  But since many people were
claiming drought, we now getting more rain.

Willamette Pass - lodge 24 inches and the peak 69
 inches;  Hoodoo - lodge has 48 and the peak 60
so we are doing really well for having nothing
on the passes less than a month ago.

Kosovo's water reservoir is less than half of normal
 and has had NO rain all winter.  Fortunately is is to
start raining Sunday for them. Yeah.

So far away but yet so similar in fruit production
and weather cycles!!

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