Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More critter

Here is a great web site to track what critters are doing. 
It is updated quite regularly and has a good list of common 
insects and their populations and possible risks.


This week the corn earn worn is above normal so begin
to protect your corn.  However, due to the weird spring
weather most corn so far is far from tasseling or developing
ears.  fro the super gardeners that may have corn, be ware.

Historical note:  As the local grass seed is being cut and
harvested, we often see an increase in the cucumber beetle

Lots of people commenting about large aphid populations.

So far , only two call about the spotted wing drosophila in
berries.  The expectation was a LOT of this insect in the
strawberry and cherry crop.

Cherry fruit fly seemed to down in population this year.

Flea beetles - big population.

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