Monday, July 21, 2014

This week in paradise

Currants and gooseberries - pretty much
Blueberry - going full steam.
Blue jays - really taking a lot of hazelnuts
this year.
Plums - quite a few fruit are falling due
to the tree getting too dry.  Water to keep
this from happening.

Apples - the codling moth came two weeks ago. 
Watch for the codling moth to affect apples
and pears again this week or next week. 
Put up a pheromone trap.  A good reason
to have a pig.

Bay laurel trees: they had a lot of aphids
but the predators got them all.

Coastal cedars really looking bad with from
the winter freeze and the spring coastal
cedar rust.  This disease is cyclic.  Water around
the base of the tree in July and August.

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