Monday, October 20, 2014

Weather prediction

Rufus at the WxCafe®  Monday October 20
 A weak system is pushing across the PNW this morning, with a bit of a break in the steady rain possible now until later Tuesday. You may experience a shower or two. A much stronger storm will arrive later on Tues, with moderate-to-heavy periods of rain arriving on-off through most of Thurs. Another system will dive further south off the Oregon coast on Friday, then it shifts northward along the OR/WA coast.
 The weekend looks to present showers after the front on Saturday, then actually yield a decent, mild, mostly dry day on Sunday the 26th.  Models suggest the remnants of hurricane ANA will combine with a storm to its east, resulting in a powerful 978 mb centered storm that could slam into northern Vancouver Island late Monday, Oct 27. This one will return HEAVY rain to the PNW, with a notable wind field. Following the front, the coldest air mass of the season, which will have been drawn down over the eastern Gulf of Alaska, will train into the PNW during the week of Oct 27-31. The result will be slowly diminishing showers throughout the week, with cooler temperatures and risk for FROST overnight late-week, should the sky clear in your area. Snow will arrive in the mountains, mostly above pass level.
 Overall, the wettest run of several days in quite some time is on the way. Cooler, fall temps will also arrive later in the forecast period. Hope you were able to take advantage of the extra nice day - Saturday!  -Rufus

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