Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weather warning

Often it has proven to be useful to heed these Special Weather
Statements from Rufus at the WxCafe®. Robin
Hazelnut harvest, along with wine/concord grape harvests are underway.
If heavy rainfall will impact those activities, you have 3-4 days to prep for
 the deluge.
 Just know that precipitation will likely start first over the NW corner of WA
Saturday, then expand into Oregon when a well-organized system plows
 inland Sunday night. The wet pattern could last on through October 24th!
The strongest storm on earth this year, super typhoon named VONGFONG
is storming its way towards the southern islands of Japan. Models suggest
 that remnants of VONGFONG mid-level moisture will train into the PNW
later next week. It will super-charge the atmosphere for heavier rainfall
The amount of precipitation forecast to fall in the PNW during the week of
Oct 13-17 will likely be measured in inches. The weekend of Oct 18,19
unfolds, another 1-3 inches are possible. Then, the week of Oct 20-24 could
bring on yet more rainfall - inches in fact - for a serious period of flood
potential. The extreme swing of drought-like conditions into a 2 week heavy
 rain period is why this Special Statement was deemed prudent. WIND: there
will likely be periods of strong winds, esp the along the coast, as these
systems track into coastal BC.
 Did we mention California yet? There is a good chance that the systems later
in the 2 week period ahead will bring much needed rainfall to areas of
 California from the bay area north. Some of the rain could be substantial.

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