Friday, April 17, 2015

Weather 4-17-2015

Rufus weather
Nature will take a turn at mood swings over the next
 couple of weeks.
When the month of April started, The WxCafe (TM) 
prognosticated about the big swings in the weather April:
 cold, stormy; mild, dry etc. That pattern will continue on
 through the end of the month. This weekend will end in an 
absolutely splendid mood: sunny, warm - afternoon temps 
could tease the upper 70s in western OR; even hitting 80 on 
Monday as a 'heat low' moves north from CA, temps will be 
pleasant for April.
 By Tue, the warm dry wx that started this past week will yield
 to a colder, on-off wet period for a few days.  Given the chilly 
air mass that will arrive, if the sky clears in your location (esp 
east side) Thu night, FROST is possible.
Rufus and Robin

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