Friday, April 3, 2015



Good Friday 2015

 The next 2-3 weeks will present little bits of weather to suit or disappoint everyone. Rain, sun, wind, warm, cold.

 A cold system is about to move onshore across the PNW today. The storm is expected to stretch out all along the west coast from Vancouver Is. down to Monterey Bay by late Saturday. Steady rain today will yield to scattered showers & sun breaks through the weekend.

 The past two mornings have presented some frost pockets, both sides of the Cascades. There is another risk for even colder sub-freezing temps coming up. First though, next week will end up quite pleasant, with lots of sun and mild conditions Thu & Fri. The weekend following should start out mild & dry, depending on how fast the next cold system sets up.

 As the weekend of Apr 11,12 approaches, so too will another chilly, stormy period, for a pool of cold air (for April) over the Gulf of Alaska to move into the PNW in the Apr 12-13 period. This will kick-up a rather STORMY, blustery period from late Sun, Apr 12 through Wed, Apr 15. Notable winds possible, as will be the potential for HAIL (and mountain snow). With the moisture diminishing by late Wed, the entire region will remain quite chilly, with the potential for sub-freezing temps developing if the sky clears. It is possible for lows to be 2-4 degrees below that of the past 2 mornings. Patrons that had 29-32 readings this week, should take note and be prepared to initiate whatever crop protection procedures you rely on.


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