Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weather for upcoming crops

Weather update  Monday May 11
 East side of the Cascades got the first round of BOOMERS late 
yesterday.  Overall pattern will favor the occasional thunderstorm, 
scattered showers and muggy conditions, at times, through at least 
Fri May 22. 
If your ag operation are east of the Cascades, expect a higher chance 
for 'stormy afternoons' at times. West side patrons will get some of the 
action, although not enough to rain out any one particular day.
 The cold front today will spin wide-spread showers through later Tue. 
By late week, conditions will turn nice west of the Cascades, with pop-up 
storms east side slowly diminishing by Saturday. The weekend of May 16, 
17 should start and end mild, dry. Monday & Tue May 18, 19 damp east of 
the Cascades.
 No question, the entire PNW is racing towards a 1992 copy-cat harvest 
season!! Many have drawn up the day degree calculation charts to affirm 
one of the warmest years of the past 100. Definitely the warmest year since 
1992, but don't forget the super warm 1926, 1934, 1944. Fruit processing will
 begin earlier than at any time since 1992, so if you haven't down the 'math' 
yet (plant & personnel readiness, shipping logistics, etc.), well, enough said. 
Temperatures the next two weeks will not help slow down the progress;
 rather, mild overnight lows will fuel the race.

For Eugene and area, highs in the 70’s and lows 45, with what looks like rain
 6 out of the next 10 days. More scab infection on apples and pears.  Cherry 
and strawberry harvest be aware.

Cherry fruit fly emerged in Yamhill County  May 11th.

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