Monday, June 15, 2015

Rufus weather

Monday June 15

Dry pattern ahead makes for a simple forecast. The variation
 in temperatures will be the primary change over the next 2-3 weeks.
 Broadly, a high pressure ridge, west of the OR/WA coast will 
be the directing force of our weather for the extended period. 
This type of pattern generates a cooling northwest ocean breeze 
and helps temper any afternoon heat. The next notable heat
 event is targeted for later this month.
  Next weekend will bring another warm-up, similar to what we
 experienced yesterday, as a very weak low west of CA provides
 a slight SW flow.
 As the month of June nears its end, a thermal low is modeled to
 build up from the south, leading the region into a potential HEAT
 WAVE (temps above 90 in the shade for 3 consecutive days). 
This is possible starting Sunday June 28 and holding into the 
first day or so of July.
 Simply stated, DRY through at least July 2, both sides of the 


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