Thursday, July 2, 2015


Be sure that all of the tree fruits are thinned.  Look
 for remaining doubles and triples.
Strawberries - some day neutrals and late June bearing.
Blueberries - full swing.  Caneberries - full swing.

Early peaches will be here soon.

Be aware of flea beetle and cucumber beetle populations
 have increased,we usually see this as the grass seed fields
 are being harvested and the critters move to greener areas.

Temps hot with highs in the 95-100 for the week.  Lows
down into the 57-58.

Having been raised in Wenatchee, Washington; there was
 devastating fires to land,homes and several apple facilities. 
Kids playing with fire in very dry grass.  Please be very
careful this time of year.

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