Saturday, July 18, 2015


Rufus at the WxCafe® dishes on the weather for 
the rest of the month. Robin
Friday July 17

Steady pattern with small adjustments in temps and 
then possible showers are on tap for the next couple of weeks.
High pressure ridge now positioned to favor seasonal 
temps - no extreme heat - across the PNW. The key change 
in the steady pattern is progged for late July. By the last 
weekend of the month a cooler, damp system is modeled 
to arrive from the NW.

As for this weekend and early next week, temps will bump 
up 5-10 degrees from what was experienced this past week. 
Not bad. NW breezes to turn back on by next Wed, for a cool 
down ahead of showers. Oregon and ID may stay dry, but a 
bit cooler, when and if the showers arrive in NW WA.


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