Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Monday September 28
 No question that the need for rain will be the lead story for
 the entire west coast this fall.  However, the critical nature of 
what all of us face should the drought hold through this fall/
winter cannot be easily dismissed.  So, the generally DRY 
outlook for the first half of October is concerning.
Ridge of high pressure will be dominating the wx pattern 
for the next 2-3 weeks. The models have shifted back and 
forth a bit, but the overall trend has continued to keep that 
pesky blocking ridge positioned just right to hold off rain relief 
for the PNW. A weak low may bring clouds/showers over the 
far edge of eastern OR and ID later this week. Temps are likely 
to warm considerably by the coming weekend, as heat from CA 
builds north - potentially all the way up into Vancouver Is.
Bottom line: we will lack for rain during the next 14 days; 
temps will be on the warmer side of hoping-this-drought-ends.

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