Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What is happening

The weather has recently gotten very cool.  I was outside at midnight and the breeze was very chilly for mid September.  Good for the apples and pears and not so good for the warm season veggies and crops.  The weather predicted a bit damp for Wednesday - at least it was suppose to be wet - not yet.  The rest of the weeks looks dry and getting a tad bit warmer.  Highs - 65 to 79 during the day.  During the night - a chilly 47-54.  With temps below 60 degrees the warm season veggies start to slow down.  The cool and the wet = tomato and potato blight.  Keep these plant well aerated, covered from the damp and/or use a copper spray to keep the blight down.  No late blight has been found yet.  Most crops are winding down.

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