Wednesday, February 3, 2016


2016 is starting off pretty normal.  The snow looks good in the mountains and a lot of rain is filling the groundwater so it is getting back to normal.

For the central Bend, lows really not low but 29-33F.  Highs 36 to 59 F.    1 day rain, 7 days sunny to partially sunny.

For the Eugene area, lows 40 to 45F, with highs 46 to 66.  Any temps above 50 degrees the plants start to break dormancy - greater chance of freezing.  4 days more rain, 1 day cloudy and 3 sunny.

With the every now and then dry weather, soil is starting to be ready to till for the year.

Finish pruning of tree fruits and berries in the valley.  For central Oregon, unless you have a lot of trees, prune in March or early April.

Daffodils  up 6 inches.  garlic up 7-8 inches.  Blueberries have broken bud and peaches have broken buds.

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