Saturday, February 20, 2016

This week 2-20-2016

Spring is moving ahead but it is way ahead of schedule.

Central Oregon - lows 25 to 38;  highs - 47 to 64.  One day of rain and 7 days of clouds and partial sun.  Still chilly at night.  Pruning can still be done.  Usually mid February for central Oregon pruning.

In the Willamette Valley, lows  34 to 47 and highs 50 to 64.  6 days cloudy and partial sun with one day of rain.

The lawn needed to be mowed, and was almost too late in mowing for the first time - for February 20th.  A new fence was put in and the machinery tore up a big patch of lawn.  I reseeded the patch with a lawn mix WITH a "watersmart coating".  That patch was green all summer, with less water and the patch is already fully green.  Impressive.  The garlic is up almost a foot,  Gravenstein apple tree buds are pushing;  finish the pruning ASAP.  Apply a good copper spray to clean up the anthracnose, the apple scab and other fungus issues.  Watch the prunes and peaches as bloom color is showing on the buds already.

Pears are also pushing hard and will be showing color soon.

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