Saturday, March 19, 2016


TODAY  - Yangon, Myanmar.  From my hotel window I could see where there used to be 12 plus greenhouses, they are now in various degrees of demolition.  Workers everywhere taking down the metal frames, breaking up the concrete floor, saving the red brick and stacking the metal side panels into piles.  The size of the greenhouses looked like they were probably for flower production, like the old Chase flower garden by Autzen Stadium, which has also gone away.  This story repeats itself, again.

Now it is 6:38 pm, dark.  Two small fires are burning on the property.  Two groups of people look like they are preparing their evening meals. They live on the demolition site.  The fire was from wood from broken trees branches.  Their home – unsellable pieces of cardboard or broken metal.  They were working out in temps that ranged from 65F in the AM to 97F during the major part of the day.

7pm.  Fires are done.  The temp is a nice 84 degrees. Found out the two groups live on the property so others don’t come and rob the demo site.

Each time I come into my room after watching the workers, I turn down the air conditioning unit.  Three times now.  Does it matter, does it help?  One room out of 513 rooms, no, but I feel that I helped out a tiny bit!

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