Thursday, March 31, 2016

Phunom, Myanmar

The orchards in Phunom are on hills with at least a 50 degree slope.  Almost impossible to walk up or down.  The trees are pretty short so they didn’t need a lot of pruning.

The road to Phunom from either Teddim or Kalay, is on the top of the ridge, shale; and there are landsides everywhere.  You can see where the road has fallen off or is starting to move.  The road is 2 lanes but mainly ½ a lane.  So you get to drive …very… close… to… the side of the road, and in looking down, it is a long, way to the bottom of the canyon.  In most places, the bottom is ½ to over a mile straight down.

We drove the road six times without any incidents.

Now Phunom village is on one of these hillsides.  Along the roadway, houses are built on stilts so the houses can hang over the edge of the road.  Some had a 30 foot drop.

I was told there would be 35 in the classes.  40-47 showed up.  So the last day, everyone got a grafting knife.  I had to pull out every knife I had since there were 12 extra people.  There were 5 villages so each village got a Corona saw.  I only brought three pruners so the host, the interpreter and the local Extension agent got a long handled pruner that they were to SHARE with others.  The people were happy campers.

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