Monday, November 10, 2014

Be prepared

The media is predicting cold and some storms in places.  Get
on the internet and check our local weather forecast  .Looks like
Tuesday before the cold so you have at least one more day.

10 day forecast - Western Oregon - highs of 51-54 and lows
 of 32-42.  Eastern Oregon highs - 40 and low 29-32.  Eastern - US -
Michigan - 25-36 with maybe some snow, then temps 19-21 later
 next week. 

Time to:  unhook hoses from the house and drain them.  Place
in a protected area. 
Drain any irrigation systems or sprinklers that may have water in them.
Cover faucets.

Warm season veggies - probably toast in the next few days. 
Cole crops - time will tell.
Apples - leave on the tree and then cider them.
Anti freeze any equipment that has a radiator or water.
Ponds - fill to the top.
Pump house - protect with plastic or warming light.

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